SEC_SRT322 Thermostat & Receiver / SSR303 delayed updates


I have successfully installed the SRT322 Thermostat & Receiver (SSR303) and everything works as it should so far having my Thermostat giving commands to the Receiver as well as Veraplus changing target temperature. The only problem I have is that the Receiver (SSR303) sends delayed (5-10 minutes) updates back to the controller so I cannot keep data of when Heat is ON or OFF. There are cases where the Heat_ON lasts only 2 minutes and in this case I will NOT receive any updates at all.

This happens when Thermostat decides to switch Heat or when I manually switch on-off the Receiver using the physical buttons without involving VeraPlus.

Thermostat is associated to Receiver using group-2 and tried also group-1 without success.

Thank you !

Edit **** changed problem description from no-updates to delayed-updates

Can you in Vera go into settings for SSR303 and change the Poll Time to a lower value I have mine set at 60secs

Yeah I’ve tested that and there’s no improvement at all. Can u please provide some information about your setup ?

  • Do u have the same pair of thermostat + receiver ?
  • Do u get immediate updates when manually switching the receiver ?
  • have u changed anything of the default parameters on ssr303 ? Are u on ui7 ?

Thank you !