seasonal scene settings?

I have the T-Stat tied to a scene that would turn off everything whenever no one’s home.

When coming home, I added a scene to turn the T-Stat back on. However, the Honeywell thermostat setting only allows to trigger heat/cool. Not a big deal since I would only need to modify the scene twice a year as the season change but it’ll be nice to be able to set it on a seasonal basis or tied to Wunderground plugin so that if say the outside weather is <60 then trigger heat and if it’s >75 then trigger cool or even if say the inside of the house is at X temperature etc…

how can I achieve this?

I think the best bet would be to use luup to do this. You could choose heating or cooling based on outside air temp. Set the mode and the cooling or heating set points would be set as well. The away mode would have to also be programmed to lower or raise temp based on whether you are heating or cooling.

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