Schlage Won't Lock After 6+ Months

I have had the Schlage FE599NX CAM 505 installed for 6+ months without any major issue. Tonight I was going to bed, activated the scene for such activity. I check to make sure everything worked, the lock didn’t engage. Weird. Open the app and try to specifically lock the door. Everything is sent successfully. Polls fine. Lock doesn’t engage (this isn’t a deadbolt that’s motorized FYI). I then go to the door to check it out. This specific lock has a lock and unlock button on the back, and a LED which lights up when a button is pressed. I press the lock button nothing happens, same with unlock. I open the door and check the front, the keypads still illuminates without issue.

I’m at a loss on what the issue is and how to correct it. Anyone have any ideas? My front door is currently unsecured due to this issue. Again battery level is around 50%. The device is communicating with hub without issue. Even without Z-wave a manual attempt to lock fails.

I would still try replacing the batteries. Vera’s battery level reporting is often not correct.

I have to agree. My lock was having trouble locking/unlocking and the UI said it had 59% battery. I replaced the batteries and it is working like a champ again.

That said, if your lock is only 6 months old, contact Schlage. they will just send you a new lock if they can’t fix it (and you get to keep the old one! I would at least keep the keypad as a spare)