Schlage Wireless Keypad Lever

Hi ,

Do you need the wireless bridge for the wireless lock, or is a z-wave module next to the door enough ?


You don’t need the bridge and you may not need a schlage module as long as your Vera is within about 30 feet.

if you need a z-wave module close by- it has to support “beaming” - the schlage locks need to speak to a beaming device. That device can translate to/from ‘normal’ z-wave. so only the first device from the lock to the lock needs to do the beaming.

the vera1 dongle can “beam”- I assume vera2’s built in z-wave can too.

besides that the schlage wall warts have it built in. (they are just rebadged ACT devices- so if you get newer act devices they will beam also.)

Some of the ge devices (I beleive someone posted if they say “link” on the package that means they are the newer models that can “beam”)

All the ACT devices were supposed to be getting updated to “Beam” - supposedly all the devices shipped ot the US as of last week now come with beaming.

So a GE or ACT light sewitch might be the best choice (just confirm it 'beams" from whoever you buy it to make sure it’s got the right firmware.