Schlage touchscreen deadbolt bad pin notifications

I have a schlage deadbolt that I cannot get wrong pin code notifications from. I get unlock notifications just fine. The lock is running fw 5.6 and required a factory reset to solve a problem with the device freezing up and becoming non responsive. Anyone have a solution? I’ve done a search and all I can come up with is bad firmware but tech support said that is not an issue.

I have an older Schlage lock … It only sends an invalid notification alert if I enter a bad pin 3 times in a row.
At the same time it flashes some LEDS on the lock.

Yeah. After 3 or 4 bad entries it flashes the red x and locks you out but I don’t get the notification.

My research showed that unless you have FW 5.8 or 5.9, you will have problems getting the lock to work well at all.

I have one of these locks with FW 5.8 and it works quite well except I cannot get anything but lock or unlock to trigger a scene or notification. I have been told by MCV helpdesk to revert to UI5 to enable these features, but I haven’t had time to try it yet. I wonder if it’s better to just suck it up and wait for the next Vera firmware update to see if the issue is corrected.

@PhillipP, in your particular situation you need the firmware on the lock updated. Please contact Schlage and they will take care of it.


They took care of it this time around and are sending a replacement.

Glad to hear it. They have great customer service, from my experience.

where do you look for the firmware version?


[quote=“rinconmike, post:8, topic:180367”]where do you look for the firmware version?

It’s on a label on the device itself. I think it’s the same one that shows the two preprogrammed user codes and the configuration code. Just look for a label with “5.x”. 5.8 or 5.9 is what you want to see.

In the label on the lock or they affix a sticker to the back cover of the manual with the same info

thanks. found it. it says 5.8. However, when I first got the lock (in January), I first tried it with the nexia. I do remember something doing a firmware upgrade. I do not know if it was the nexia or the lock. Anyway to tell in the device settings on the vera3 UI?



Installed the replacement lock and I still don’t get bad pin notifications. Any ideas?

You didn’t specify what version of Vera you’re running. UI5 or UI6?

Also, if you updated the lock, then I’d open a ticket with MCV make them fix it, after all, they claim they’re compatible with every device.

UI5 and the lock firmware is 5.8.

I see another user with fw 5.8 having the same notification issue. For those of you who are having no issues with bad pin notifications, are the locks 5.8 or 5.9?

I’m also wondering if something with the variables is wrong. I’m new to the whole vera thing so I’m kinda grabbing straws here.