Schlage shown as Poly-Control Danalock in devices

I added a Schlage lock in devices. Everything worked perfect, the on screen directions worked and matched the Schlage user manual. After adding, when I go to my devices, It is shown as “Poly-Control Danalock”
Im certain I selected Schlage, the directions for the danalock are very different. Everything is working fine just wanted to point it out and see if anyone has noticed. Is there anywhere I can change that?

I also have two Kwikset locks that show up the same way. They work just fine so I was willing to overlook the naming oddity but wondered if it was something that could eventually be corrected.

I have the same issue with my Schlage and my Chamberlain MyQ garage door openers. I asked support about it and they said “please note that I?ve addressed this matter to our development department”. Guess that means it should be corrected in some later firmware upgrade.