Schlage Lock Setup under Vera as a Secondary z-wave Controller

So I’m getting a new Dongle with the Security Upgrade and I’m gonna buy the Schlage Lock.

Has Anyone been through an upgrade before? I have a few questions:

  1. Right now I have a Leviton Master Controller with Vera as the secondary. Should I just clear the devices in Vera, replace the dongle, and re-add the new Dongle as a secondary?

  2. When I add the Schlage lock, can I use the Leviton Master Controller and resync with the Vera or do I have to use the Vera to add the lock? I’m also sending my Leviton Master Controller back for a firmware update. Hmm, I wonder if I need to remove all my nodes first.

  3. If I have to use the Vera to add the lock, can Vera even be a secondary? Or does it have to be the Master for all devices including the lock?

Wish me luck! I’m very excited to get this going.

  1. transfer primary to vera

  2. I don’t think leviton has support for the Security class for the lock to be included . so Vera will need to be primary.
    When the new firmware is loaded in the Levition I would bet it would support acting as a inclusionary remote with Vera. This will enalble you to set scenes and associations with the Leviton. I would doubt they will have included the security class that secure devices need. I would not have a problem with Vera being primary. Vera has much more features right now than any other controller at this point.

  3. Don’t know I would not think so .
    Good luck
    Which Leviton controller do you own?

I own the Leviton RZCPG-0SG - Vizia-RF Basic RF Programmer/Master

There are few things keeping me from making the Vera the Primary:

One, is the number of devices ~20 that would take a long time (me being lazy).

Two, I have a 4 button leviton scene controller that was not completely supported by Vera in the past. It did appear that the single scene controller is though. I wonder if the inclusionary thing you mentioned would allow Vera to be the Master and let the Leviton include my 4 scene controller.

I just checked the Wiki though and it appears the 4 button controller might now work, but with some limitations Can anyone explain the trade-offs?

I also hate the “popcorn” effect of scenes in Vera where lights are triggered one at a time. With the Vizia, they all go off and on smoothly and simultaneously. Too bad I can’t activate the scenes in the 4 button controller from the Vera now as the secondary.

I wonder if the Vera is the Primary and controlling my Leviton 4 scene controller if the “popcorn” effect exists?

I hate these posts that just result in more questions!!!

  1. When you’ll get the new dongle you won’t have any of your devices in Vera. You’ll have to re-add the new dongle to your network
  2. The same here: if you send your Leviton controller for firmware upgrade for sure you’ll lose all your devices. So the only way to not use your actual network is to send first Vera’s dongle, re-copy your network and then send your Leviton Controller.
    3)In order to include/exclude devices Vera’s Dongle has to be Master.
    If your Leviton controller supports security class you can add the lock with it and use \Vera as a secondary.

So after upgrading my Vera and “saving all settings” to the latest firmware and redoing all of my firewall settings and start-up scripts yet again my Vera stopped controlling my devices and scenes despite them being there. Weird This was the first time this happened with a firmware update and it made me oversleep when my wakeup lights didn’t come one this morning.

No worries though, I was going to reset the network anyway with the new Dongle I received with the security class on it. And I’m going to take the plunge and make Vera the master controller so I can get the Schlage lock installed. Could somebody provide some advice on the best way to migrate?

  1. I’m sending my Leviton primary remote back for a firmware update. When it returns I’ll delegate it as an expensive :frowning: secondary remote. What’s the best way to “reset” my z-wave network? Should I exclude each node one by one? Should I also activate the air-gap switch on each of my 20 or so switches?

  2. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the Vera now supports my 4 scene Leviton controller. It’s also nice to see that there is an event driven method 2 way available to control scenes. I think I’ll be fine with method 1 though as all I would like for my wall mounted switch is to control lights. It’s also great to see that I can program scenes within Vera and send them to the My Controller. The Leviton way sucks! My question to the folks at MiCasa or anyone else is if I use Traditional Method 1, will I get the “popcorn” effect or will all the lights activate at the same time when pushing a button on the controller?

  3. If I missed anything else please let me know and wish me luck!


Since you have the Leviton RZCPG-0SG , I would like to know if you can use it to control scenes as a secondary.

I have the lower version Leviton RZCPG-BSG/VRCPG-BSG, can I program it to trigger scene?

Been trying traditional method 1 and method 2 without success, do I need a firmware update too?