Schlage Lock Scene Delay (Disarm DSC Security System)

Hi All,

I have a scene to disarm our DSC security system when a pin is entered into the lock. I have a 15 second timer on the alarm system. It seems it’s taking too long for the lock to trigger the scene in Vera, and the alarm always sounds. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t find any consistency. Anyone else have this problem? Any way to track down what might be the issue?


I am having the same problem with the lock, but for a different reason.

I have programmed Vera to relock the lock after 60 seconds, but not to relock if the lock is opened twice during those 60 seconds. Unfortunately the occasional delay in Vera receiving the unlock notification is causing the second unlock to be lost, and the code fails.

I suspect the problem may be that Vera may be occupied by another activity (perhaps when polling another zwave device), and does not get around to the lock always in a timely manner. Any chance of extending your alarm timer? My alarm (not tied to Vera) uses a 30 second timer after a door is opened before it sounds the alarm. Making it 30 seconds or more may be enough time for Vera to process the lock notification.