schlage lock pin schedule not enabling pin

I installed the lock, get notifications fine. I set up a couple of PINs. They worked fine. I restricted one pin and it was disabled. When the time came to enable the pin, I saw a message sent to the lock that was successful, but the pin does not work.

Ive tried this twice with the same result. The last attempt,
I set the restriction for weekly, then Friday 5 to 7. The pin worked before setting the restriction and was disabled after the restriction. At 5, I saw a msg success indication on the lock which I assume was the msg to lock to enable the pin, but the pin does not work.

Any ideas?

By the way, this was using Vera 3 interface.

I called Support and they loaded new firmware and now I can schedule PINs. But the firmware version shows 1.5.622 so I’m not sure exactly what they did as I had already updated to latest through the vera3 interface.

They likely pushed new firmware to the lock, but did you have to send the lock in or did they do it remotely somehow? I’m curious because I have lock with 5.7 on it and I’d like to get 5.8, but last I heard they had you send in the locks for the update.

I called Schlage, they sent brand new locks out…and I kept the old ones. May want to try that route.

I called Schlage, they sent brand new locks out…and I kept the old ones. May want to try that route.[/quote]

My current one has a bad keypad (does not work at all). They are sending me a new one, but I don’t know the firmware on it yet. I was hopeful there was a way to update them on site. Like you said though, they allowed me to keep the old one. Even though I can’t use the keypad, I am going to have it keyed like the others and then put it on a rarely used door to track it’s lock status.

The lock already had 5.8 on it, according to the label. It’s build date was dec 12 2013

I think people are getting confused here… I believe aussiedawg meant he called Vera support and they pushed new code. It’s not a Schlage issue, it was a Vera issue. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Gotcha…he said Schlage and I thought he was confused on what firmware (locks vs vera). I guess it was a type and you are right @TC1

Sorry, I was not clear when I said I called Support. To be clear, I called Vera support and they said there was firmware to fix the scheduling problem. They did not specify if it was Vera or Schalge firmware they were updating, I assumed Vera 3. I had already updated my vera 3 to the latest and the lock documentation indicates it already had 5.8 so I don’t know what was done for sure. What I do know is that my PIN scheduling works great now.