Schlage lock... Out of range?

I have 3 Identical schlage locks configured. 2 of them work great, the third is unresponsive unless I remove it and bring it close to my Vera.

I have a GE Jasco switch within 2 feet of the lock which operates fine. I have replaced the batteries in the lock and tried removing and then re-including the lock twice without luck. It is almost as if the system is not communicating through the nodes, just directly to Vera. In order to configure the lock, add PINs, etc… I need to bring it close to the Vera.

Shouldn’t the Jasco act as a signal repeater? Are there settings for this?



If the Jasco is version 2 or newer it will support beaming, which is what you need/want. Check the label.

Physically Remove the lock, move it next to the Vera and configure it… then put it back and do an Update Neighbor Nodes. See if that helps