Schlage Lock not indicating proper status on UI3

I am using UI3 1.1.329, and just noticed that Vera is not properly indicating a lock’s status on the UI. The locks are always showing ‘locked’, even when they are obviously unlocked. I can control the locks as expected, but their status does not change. Even when unlocked manually, they indicate ‘locked’.

This issue is also affecting SQ Remote.

Anyone else with similar issues? Obviously this is a serious security issue, and I was shocked to discover it today.

Hi TheGadgetGuy,

Could you please enable the remote assistance from Advanced > Tech Support and send us the code so we can check?


I have enabled tech support. Here is the code:
access code 7312-147276 (ssh reference: SSH_22=10828)

Thanks in advance. It was quite a shock to find that my locks are no longer reporting an accurate status. They will lock and unlock, but always show as ‘locked’ within Vera’s UI, and as a result, also within SQ Remote.



Not that this applies, but…

I’ve noticed people tend to either leave the door unlocked or hit the unlock by mistake.

So, I’ve set a scene to re lock the door 30 sec after it is unlocked. Kind of stops me from wondering what state the door is in.