schlage lock manual or what?

I’ve got a schlage lock installed.
I know the verde is communicating with the lock as if I push ‘unlock/lock’ the schalge button lights up but it doesnt actually turn the lock??
What am I misunderstanding ??


There are two types of z-wave locks out there; the schlage locks that have to be manually turned to lock/unlock, but are able to indicate its current state(s) to VERA and then there are the Kwikset locks that actually lock/unlock under command (e.g. front combo entry, VERA or other apps (apple and android). I’ve been using the Kwikset for over a year and love the ability to view and lock/unlock anywhere in the world. Mike

And just to add to that, there is a new motorized lock available from Yale, which I bought and am now using. Seems like there are just three manufacturers who make z-wave locks in the market.