Schlage Lock Error or Human Error???

I had renters check-in to our condo and the scheduled code worked well. The next day, I received a call that the code was not working and that they were outside the door. They said that they were entering their code and kept getting the red flash.

I went online, deleted their code, re-issued the same code, and it worked.

Thank God I was available when they called as this could have been really bad.

Does anyone have any ideas what could have happened?? Is there something that they could have done incorrectly that may have led to the error???

I’ve never seen a lock have a code work and then not work unless it was a time activated code (it got deleted or expired)

I have used Vera2 to push a code to the lock, and it showed in Vera, but the lock didn’t recognize it. In your case, the code worked.

My best guess is they were entering the code wrong

I believe that they were entering the code correctly, and I just do not know what could have happened.

Very strange and scary for me.

I’ve had scheduled codes stop working when the power went out and when it came back on Vera lost it’s time and the internet still didn’t come back so it had no way to update it. I just keep backup codes in there so if they are locked out I can give them one. Another time a scheduled code was set to come on and it never did. One other thing that doesn’t work is if you try to set schedules on more than one code at a time it will let you change the dates on the second code and beyond but once set they all are set to the time of the first code.

You may be on the right path. I have a timer that turns the power off on Vera at 3 am. This was done in case Vera were to lock up.

I noticed that the time was really strange, but somehow it is back on track now.

I have had codes that once worked stop working, in fact I have seen this a lot. Mostly on staff codes that are programmed to work all the time, one day they will work and another they will stop. Not sure if this is a Vera issue or Schlage. I don’t know how you would ever figure that out, but it is very annoying. Most of the time Vera shows the code is still in the lock, but it doesn’t work at the lock.