Schlage lock battery level incorrect

My Schlage lock is always reporting a battery level of 97%. Even when the AA’s go to a point that it can’t run the deadbolt motor, they still report 97%. Has anyone else seen this or knows how to fix it? I’d like to get a notification when it is close to time to change out the batts but not when the level never changes.

Firmware info says: 59,22549,0
Version info says: 6,3,42,88,21

Is there a setting on the lock that I need to change or something in the variables section in device UI?


I’ve never noticed until now, but my Schlage BE469NX shows 97% as well. Too high for as much as I use it.

Definitely need to do something to fix this. I’m guessing it is something needing altered in the json. That’s a bit out of my knowledge I’m afraid.

Batteries have a non linear voltage vs %used characteristic. And different battery families have different curves.

Are you using the battery family recommended in the manual.

If you use a different type of battery, you will get a different battery decay characteristic, and the % reported will not be accurate. (Can be way off, since characteristics very greatly!)

I will check that and see if there is anything I can do. I suspect that is not the issue since I do not recall ever getting any number other than 97% from the lock. I would think that any curve would eventually show some change in number for new or old batteries.

I might ask Schlage on the off chance they will actually answer the question. I’ll report any findings here.


My Schlage reports 97% all the way till the day it reports 5%

At this point I have about 4 days before the lock wont run due to low power.

That is pretty typical of lithium batteries, particularly the rechargeable kind. What kind of batteries are you using?

I use old school batteries in mine for that reason. Get much more accurate battery levels.

Duracell traditional batteries. I gave up on rechargeable cells for the door locks when I still had the Kwickset lock at the old house and I was having to swap and charge every 2 weeks. I make it a year on traditional batteries