Schlage lock battery issue

My schlage lock is loosing 8-10% battery power over a 24 hour period. That sounds very wrong to me, considering schlage claims the batteries will last 3 years.

Have anyone else had problems with the schlage lock draining batteries this quickly?

P.S. the batteries are brand new, less 2 weeks old. The super fast draining started yesterday and I have been unable to program new codes during this time… however, the schalage lock is still working and it sends zwave messages to vera when someeone enters a code (although those notifications are very much delayed in delivery, but this is an old unresolved issue).

Is it possible that a wire was pinched and part of the circuit is shorting? Disassemble and check for any hardware damage. Something could be short circuited to ground causing the drain. If physical damage can’t be determined, I’d shoot for an RMA.

Sounds like a good idea, but unfortunately a bit difficult as the lock & vera is in my vacation rental on Maui :-\

It is still strange that the power drain started 1.5 days ago. Until then the power worked just fine. About the same time as the drainage started, I was unable to change codes on the door.

The door still reports unlock events to Vera though, so it is not because zwave signals are blocked. Hence I am shooting for some software issue, where I am guessing that either the lock or vera is keeping the radio on the lock busy - hence draining batteries.

In Sept, I noted that my garage door lock in HI had battery corrosion in the AA battery compartment. I had been using alkaline batteries and getting 6 mo or more of life from Duracell AA batteries. I replaced the batteries in Sept with another set of alkaline because that is all I had. The new batteries died over the next month. On 10/28, I replaced them with 3 lithium batteries and also replaced the 9v. I added some new pins and it seems to take them fine according to the dashboard. A few days later I was surprised to see my battery level down to 2%. Today my guest called and said that his pin is no longer working. Now the battery level is down to 1%. I tried adding the guests pin and removing the last guest’s pin but never action was accepted.
Any ideas on what would cause the batteries to drain so quickly. I presume from the above that I shoud disassemble the lock and lock for pinched wires and look for something that may have shorted the circuit board. Any other ideas?
If these don’t work, does Schlage sell replacement parts?
Is Schlage still in business? Their websites seem to be defunct??

I was told they do.

Is Schlage still in business? Their websites seem to be defunct??
Which site(s) did you try?

That link and were not working yesterday. I am glad to see that their website is up today.

Could be due to the Hurricane that hit the East cost. My area has been affected with many power outages. Luckily my power was only out for a day. Many areas around me are still with out power and lots of damage to the area.

  • Garrett

Wonder if you got some kind of resolution on this. I am in similar situation, except my battery level seems to be jumping 80% => 14% => 1% => 14% and now it’s showing 60%.

Schlage offered to replace my lock even though it was beyond the 1 yr warranty. They wanted the model and serial #. I happened to be visiting my vacation home last week so I was able to send it to them quickly. I checked the installed batteries a week ago when I arrived. My battery tester read that they were fine. I replaced them anyway just to double check. Now for 10 days, the lock’s batteries are reading at 100%??? I won’t be back there until Feb so I hope that it lasts until then.

I am having a similar problem. My schlage dead bolt works fine and battery life is great until I connect it to the Zwave network of my Vera Lite. Batteries die in a couple of weeks. I can only imagine that there is a constant drain communicating with the Vera. Any ideas?