Schlage lock and Alexa routines

I have a new Schlage lock. As is typical with these due to the myriad firmware they have, it doesn’t work reliably on my newer Hubitat but works just fine on my VeraSecure (go figured, my older Schlage works just fine on the Hubitat.)

Goal: create a routine in the Alexa app to simply announce that the lock has been locked/unlocked.

Issue: when choosing the When this happens condition this lock isn’t appearing via the Vera integration. (The other lock appears just fine from Hubitat, btw.) This lock appears normally in the Alexa app and can be controlled as an Action under Add Action perfectly well.

What gives?

Hello @gwp1,
Please note that Alexa can’t control security devices on Vera. You can read more about it here.
I would recommend creating a virtual device that’s linked with the door lock’s status and that can be detected by Alexa. If you want to receive support on how to do this, feel free to send us an email at
Kind regards!

Actually, I can control the lock via Alexa with the addition of Alexa-based security codes. But that’s not what I’m interested in doing. I just want the ability to have Alexa announce when the door is locked or unlocked. The same lock thru Hubitat has the same security imitations but allows me to create status announcements.

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