Schlage Link locks still show the red gear

I’ve had the locks installed for about 6 hours now-- they’re still showing up as red gears- what do I need to do to address this?

did you ever get the lock to work with vera?

either way, i would reset the lock and put it right next to vera and follwing the instruction in WIKI to congif it.

I had the same problem before the distance between the lock and vera is casuing the failure to config

Yeh, follow the wiki exactly. It seems really arcane but I followed it and got it work and this was my first ever experience with Vera and the lock.

I’d love to follow the wiki…

dont suppose anyone could provide a link?

I had the exact same problem. I followed the Wiki directions and it now works fine. Would have been nice to know the Schlage locks need this special set-up instructions. Would have save me some time and frustration.

The wiki page is this: