Schlage LiNK @Homeseer

Homeseer is now selling the Schlage LiNK products now. They also have a 5% off code for the month of June.

Coupon code: SCH-JN-09

Why not just buy it from Micasaverde?

Don’t see it on the shop site

Doh…I was thinking of their promo…

Just bought another one Thanks

Just purchased my schlage link and tried to get it set up with Vera. Vera found the device, but I can not get the 2 to communicate (lock or unlock). I have tried using the dongle as well as the black and red button to set up. At this point I am considering reseting Vera back to default settings and starting over. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Reset Vera, reset lock and now I can’t get Vera to recognize the lock :frowning: I’m going to call it a night and sleep on it!

I suggest you remove the lock from your door so that you can bring it right next to Vera (I find this is easier than bringing the Vera over and messing with those buttons). Do a factory reset os your lock and then re-add it to Vera. I had no luck with mine until I did this. Now it works like a champ.

Good luck.


You’ve already paired the lock to a zwave network, you should new exclude the lock from any zwave network first, then add it again to Vera.
I recommend to enable verbose logging and use method 2 when you add the lock.
After the lock it’s added to Vera don’t touch anything/change configs/ press Save button until Vera finish configuring the lock ( the blue cog wheel turns in green :slight_smile: or red :frowning: )

I reset the lock and reset Vera. Now I can not get Vera to even find the lock. I’ve tried both the automatic way with dongle and then again using the red/black button - nothing! Vera finds no devices. The schlage lock is the only device I have, so I am at a loss as to what to do next.

thanks to all for any and all help


make sure you have the right version dongel they sent me the wrong one and they had to send me the newer version.

does Vera require the dongle even if you are attempting to set the device using the red/black button option? When i first started the process Vera would find the lock, but couldn’t get it configured. Now I can’t even get Vera to find the lock.


The black zwave dongle makes the communication between Vera and your zwave network ( on which are your zwave devices devices: light switches, thermostats, door locks etc ).
It’s like the network card that’s in your computer. If you remove it ( the network card ), will you be able to navigate on the internet anymore?
You can include devices using the include button located on the dongle, but for devices that are using secure classes ( like the door lock ) the dongle has to be in Vera at the inclusion time also. You can’ t include these with the include button.
Everything it’s explained on our wiki page: [url=][/url]

ASI Home has the lock for $155.97 and the Vera for $239.97. I just ordered them both so I can take advantage of the promo.

1 x Schlage BE369 - Camelot Style Z-Wave Controlled Dead Bolt-505 Bright Brass (SCHBE369505) = $155.97
1 x MiCasaVerde Vera (US Version) - Z-Wave Automation Controller/Gateway (MICVERA-US) = $239.97

Asi home’s price on the lock is back up to 198.97.

They still have Vera for 239.97 however.

The $155 was a Fathers day special like I said in my other thread about ASI. They didn’t have them in stock though and it’s taking them 2 weeks from the day I ordered until they ship.

PM me and I will see if I can help with the order.

Thank you,