Schlage FE599, Vera Edge, UI7, including

I couldn’t find this problem reported on the forum. So in case anybody else has this problem:

When installing the Schlage FE599 into a UI7-VeraEdge system, there is no option to add that particular lock.
I tried using the one other Schlage lock which was available to add (a Schlage deadbolt), but that did not work. The lock was included but there was no lock functionality - there was no ability to lock/unlock, change pin codes, etc…

So I excluded the lock, and then I added the lock under “Generic Zwave devices”.
This seems to have worked OK.

yeah. I have a few of the FE599 locks and always add them as the schlage deadbolt lock be469. It has always worked for me and can lock and unlock with adding customer pins.