Schlage Doorlock and Scenes

Any way to have a pin only trigger lights at a certain time of day. Besides having to enter other pin numbers with no scene assigned. And why does my door lock always generate errors, when it is functioning fine. Thanks,Derek

I’m not sure about the scenes (haven’t messed with that yet) but when my schlage lock was giving random errors even though I could still lock and unlock I unpaired it and re-paired it and no longer getting errors in the log.

Does your lock have a lag when you attempt to lock or unlock through the vera? My lights and thermostat trigger almost instantly but there’s about a minute lag with the
Schlage lock.

Yes this is very easy to do, read up on conditional scene execution: [url=,18679.0.html],18679.0.html[/url]

Your lock may not be paired correctly if you are getting errors. Try to exclude it and then include it again.