Schlage Deadbolt/ Vera3 UI5

Does anyone have any experience with the Schlage Deadbolt using the Vera3 running UI5? I’m having trouble trying to get the lock status to show locked for the UI device icon. The lock is not installed upside down. Here’s something that I suspect could be the culprit. Today I installed a Schlage Deadbolt for a family member whom is running UI5 with a Veralite and as soon as I installed the device and included it, it revealed the correct status. However I may have the same Schlage Deadbolt, but mine was purchased through Verizon. It has some different parameters and variables set I suspect due to proprietary firmware installed by the manufacturer (Schlage) when issued by Verizon. Can anyone confirm this or does anybody have any solutions? :-\

I assume it responds to lock and unlock commands fine?

What happens if you poll the lock when it’s in the wrong state? What happens if you move your Vera closer to the lock?

Locks need a good Zwave network and other factors such as number of nodes, hops and noise play a big factor in how reliable the communications are.

It’s more likely the environmental factors than the lock.

I’ve tried setting the poll to 1080, it polls just fine. There isn’t any interference with the receiving and transmitting. I have a clear line of sight between the vera and deadbolt in which it only rests approximately 16 ft away. The poll is always successful. No signs of signal attenuation . These are the same deadbolts between the two with the exception mine came from verizon and the family members was purchased online with the intended controller being Nexia. When I look through the parameters between the two, some have different values and a few more parameters. It does work with given commands lock and unlock. I’m only trying to figure out how i can get the icon to appear correctly. Now i did set up alerts by email and sms and the settings for that are correct. Tested it. But i set vera to alert me when locked and unlocked and never receive the alert.

But does the status of the lock correct when you poll it?

It does not

Below I attached part of the log for the node and it polls correctly. :-\ ???

Problem Solved : I had the cam piece on the inside part of the deadbolt assembly “not” facing the little arrow casted on the inside part assembly. The cam must be pointing up when putting the inside and outside parts together otherwise it will poll, but incorrectly and the physical state of the lock will always be correct. ::slight_smile: