Schlage Deadbolt Unlocking

After I enter my code to unlock and turn the dead bolt to enter my house, I then close the door and lock the dead bolt from the lock lever on the door. After about a minute of the door closed and the deadbolt in the locked position, I hear the unlock mechanism trigger and then trigger again after about 30 seconds. The Schlage button on the key pad on the outside flashes orange and I can actually unlock the door without a code. This only happens two times after I enter my house and re-lock the door. I do not have any scenes configured on Vera to unlock the door.

Is anyone experiencing a similar issue with there Schlage lock? Basically my lock is triggering a unlock on its own after I enter my house. I have not done a detailed troubleshooting yet - any ideas?

This is little unusual and I have not seen something like this but allow me to provide my 2c as troubleshooting tips

  1. Call Schlage link - very good service. They called me back even based on the caller id/missed call when I tried to call them on off hours and did not leave any message.
  2. Just to test: Ensure that Vera has green cog and can talk to the lock, operate the lock and also can modify (delete/add user codes)
  3. Test 2: Change the master and user codes
  4. Check 3: Ensure that no metal part is being grounded/touching the lock mechanism: heard lot of problems because of that
  5. if nothing works unpair/pair again

LOLS, did I leave anything ? yep batteries I guess :slight_smile:

again my 2c since I dont have this problem but something I will do if I were you. Please do share your resolution when done - All th best


Why don’t you try unplugging Vera and see if it even has anything to do with z-wave or if it’s just the lock.

Very nice - actually that should be the starter…

How long have you had the lock? If it is a newer installation or you just removed the lock for some reason, you may have installed the cam that triggers the microswitch for lock/unlock status incorrectly.

Hi ,

Any news on this one ?

Sorry for the long delay for an update.

I have replaced the 3 AA batteries on my lock and problem is gone. I discovered that Vera was reporting that the battery on the lock was low.

The batteries have been in the lock for just under 5 months – they are the regular duracel AA batteries. Battery replacement did not require me to re-sync w/ vera - thankfully! it was a uneventful as it should be.