Schlage BE469WK Touch-screen deadbolt with alarm--sound the alarm via Z-Wave?

Can the alarm on the Schlage BE469WK be sounded remotely over z-wave?

Detailed description:
I wish to sound the built-in alarm when a door sensor on another door senses that the door has been opened. The PDF “24352403 BE469 Z-Wave Parameters WO-a_ENGLISH.pdf” (link below) indicates that parameter 0x03 Beeper has two states Enable and Disable. This can be interpreted in two ways 1) it directly sounds the beeper and 2) it allows other events to sound the beeper. Can you tell me which interpretation is correct? or is there another way for the Vera controller to turn on the beeper/alarm?

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I believe the beeper option is to enable/disable the noise when using the touchpad, not related to the alarm.

Not sure about VERA, but via Nexia Bridge you can set and control the alert / alarm. There are 3 type of settings with level of sensitivity. It could be as sensitive as someone knocking on the door to kicking down the door.

Works ok.

That’s not what he’s asking, he’s asking if he can sound the alarm.
Vera can also control the settings, as evidenced by the PDF attached in the first post.

@lcochran - I believe both of you interpretations are incorrect. The beeper is not the alarm, it is simply the keypad feedback beeping sound.


Thanks for your replies. You were right; Schlage got back to me:

“…The Alarm function cannot be sounded via Z wave. It is a physical action at the lock that would sound the alarm…”

It seems silly not to have that capability and also likely a quick firmware fix.

Having said that, a typical alarm system would have a keypad that would beep when the alarm is tripped, or when the door is opened it would beep to indicate the system is armed and that you should disarm it before it goes off. I was hoping to add this, more or less, to the lock.

An alternate approach, would be to add a keypad on the wall that would act as a typical alarm keypad. I’ve read forum posts on people trying to add a 2GIG or other keypad as a secondary controller w/o much success.

This would be something dumber:

A wall-mounted keypad with a touch screen with a few buttons such as arm (leave), arm (stay), and disarm (with prompt for code). If armed, beep when a door is opened for some time to allow for disarming and have a louder or steady alarm sound.

In this scenario the Vera is the only controller, monitoring sensors, accepting arm/disarm requests form the keypad, and controlling the timing, “beep,” and “alarm” sounds.

It doesn’t appear that the 2GIG Go! or TS1 are up for this. The Honeywell Tuxedo is expensive, and the Lynx touch pad may be too dumb.

Has anyone successfully implemented an alarm keypad (or other device functioning as such) simply as an i/o device?

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I like your idea, i’m also looking for a z-wave keypad (just the keypad and vera will control everything). Did you find one?


Another reason why you cannot sound the alarm from Vera is that the lock is battery powered. This means it does not listen to Vera. If the lock listened for commands, it would drain its batteries very quickly. The lock initiates all communications to the z-wave controller.

Edit: Forget what I just said above. That can’t be true because I am able to lock and unlock the deadbolt from Vera.