Schlage BE469NX deadbolt alarm triggered by motion sensor?

The Schlage BE469NX deadbolt has a built-in alarm that can be set to go off 1) anytime the deadbolt is opened, 2) if the deadbolt is jostled slightly, or 3) if the deadbolt is forced opened. The default setting is 3.

Does anyone know if this Schlage built-in deadbolt alarm can be tripped on (then later turned off) from the Vera controller when a separate sensor sensor device – such as a window/door sensor or motion sensor – is armed and tripped?

I do not beleive this is possible. I also think that Schlage will not notify Vera if the lock alarm is triggered.

You might look at getting a separate ZWave enabled siren to accomplish what you want to do.

This is correct…

Wish we could but we can’t, so…

motion sensor in my outside entry way
motion sensor in the inside foyer
door sensor from my security panel

… thus, using Vera Alerts I always know when someone is there and when doors are opened/closed, and I log activity using Event Watcher.