Schlage BE369 Deadbolt : Lock without entering user code !?

Hi guys,

I just received my new electronic deadbolt. It’s a Schlage BE369.

Not connected yet to a micasaverde, but I’m looking for that eventually.

The lock is performing well except that I need to enter a user code to lock the deadbolt.
In the past, in my last home (model BE365 I think), I just had to press the “SCHLAGE” button then turn the knob and “voila” !

But it seems this is called “Turn Lock” feature. It seems to be disabled on mine.
User manual tells about this procedure: Enter programming code, Press “SCHLAGE” button, Press #7.

I tried multiple times but the feature never get activated.

Might somebody help me with this one ?


It’s a simple fix but you have to remove the lock.
The tail piece (the flat bar that runs through the door) needs to be rotated 180 degrees.


Thank you JOD. It was not that but will share the solution so it can help somebody else.

The lock was installed correctly.

The reason “Turn Lock” feature was not working was simply that I needed to insert the 3x AA batteries in the top slot module.

On BE365, the “Turn Lock” feature is working with only the 9V battery.
So I only connected the 9V battery on my BE369.
I tought the 3xAA batteries were for zwave transmitter and skipped that part cause I won’t use link for now.


Thank you Maxime. Your reply helped me. :slight_smile: