Schlage Battery Question

I am guessing / asking… ???

The AA batteries in the Schlage Lock power the ZWave transciever, and the 9V powers the locking mechanism?

Anyone have any authoritative info on that?

  • Doc

Well, this isn’t “authority,” but I have one of the older schlage digital locks without the Z-wave and it uses the 9 volt battery to power the keypad servo, no AAA batteries… I also have one of the Wayne Dalton Motion/Temp/Light sensors, and that takes 3 AAA… AAAs and AAs are the same 1.2-1.5 voltage, different lifetime current capacity…

So I would guess your assumption is correct… 9 volt for lock, AAs for Z-wave radio.

Yes…I have the deadbolt and that’s the deal however the door lock only takes AA’s.