Schlage 369 No Longer Communicating

Hi All,

I have had a Schlage dead bolt installed and working for over a year. Only 2 issues during that time due to lost daily programming. On Monday this week I noticed I was no longer receiving any messages. Further investigation indicates that I have lost total communication using UI4. Every command comes back with a non delivery message. Note the current guests are still using the lock so that local inputs of existing PINs are working.

I changed the AA batteries last November and as on Monday were showing 60-80% charge (changes with cold temps even in Florida). I have not changed the 9v battery in the 14 months of operation.

Can a discharged 9v battery prevent communication with Vera?
With the communication not working will scheduled daily PIN codes work (are they held in the door or in Vera?) This is a short term rental and I have a check-out and check-in coming this weekend with a few days between. I really need to figure this out so I do not lock someone out.


Is it the lock you only have lost communication or have you lost communication with all z-wave devices?

  • Garrett

The only zwave component that I am aware that is not working is the lock. Tstat, lights, door switches, motion sensors and all are working. I have 2 light switches 6 to 8 feet from the door lock that I know are working.

I have a second Schlage lock that is also working fine. The one that is not working though is very important as it is the entry door.

I would try and change out the 9v battery and see if it works.

  • Garrett


All batteries replaced. Both 9v and AA

After battery replacement the lock communicated open and close state changes (3 total) while the door was open. Thought all was good but no. After closing the door the communications stopped and I can no longer communicate to it. In addition my property manager noticed something strange. The Schlage button no longer activates the lock from outside to allow the lock knob to be connected. The only way to lock it is by using the code just like when unlocking. He also indicated when the Schlage button is pressed it changes to blue.

Any ideas?

MCV indicated to move it closer to the controller (not an easy thing to do from another state. But I will try with the door open tomorrow (about 3 feet closer and less obstructions)

Now the problems are worse. I have had someone atr the house and tried to remove and reinstall the lock. No luck. The Schlage documentation does not show how to exclude the lock. Does anyone know how?

Okay, I have the exclude directions and have followed them. In the end instead off getting a green light I get a red light. Both when trying to exclude and trying to include. Any thoughts?