Scheduled Timer Off not surviving restart


I’m using Scheduled Timers (On and Off) and in general everything works great. Except when Vera restarts after the Timer has turned on and before it turns off. When that happens, the Timer doesn’t turn off at the scheduled time.

Is this a known behavior that I need to work around, or a bug that can be squashed?

That’s a bug … I looked over the code … and it should work … I just need to find out why it’s not.
I have setup more instrumentation in my test code … to trap it tonight during my nightly reboot.

I found the problem … not where I was expecting it …

The problem was restoring the Saved State after the restart. This caused the initialization of timers to not work properly.
I will get a fix out this weekend … I also have so new goodies.

Premature … I though I had a coding error … but it was an optimization (using a coding pattern I do not usually use) … I thought it was an error … it was not.