Schedule not updating Condition

I have the following logic. At sunrise (currently around 0700), blinds open to 50%. At 0800, I want the blinds to open to 15%.

What is happening is that the blinds open to 50% at 0700 and then WorkHours gets set to True at 0800, but the blinds stay at 50%.

I imagine I am missing something obvious. Any ideas?

OpenBlinds IsDay AND (WorkHours OR !WorkHours)

WorkHours Day of Week 08:00:00 1,2,3,4,5 None Day of Week 17:20:00 1,2,3,4,5 None

Logic Action:
Blinds SetLoadLevelTarget newLoadlevelTarget={(WorkHours ? 15 : 50)}

Not sure if this will help but my 2c worth. Have you tested the logic with 2 conditions for the blind opening?
ie. one for opening to 50% at IsDay and another to 15% after 0800 (although looking at my blinds open is 100% which is the opposite to yours) rather than using an IF which seems not to recalculate.

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