Scenes remaining active

Hi Garrett,

Just a quick question as I’m not sure if this is a AHHD or VERA issue.

On the scenes tab in your app, some of my scenes show either a grey RUN text or a blue ACTIVE text, but some of the scenes are definitely not active.

For example, I have a HEAT UPSTAIRS FOR 30 MINS scene that shows ACTIVE even when everything is off.

Do I need to deactivate scenes once run somehow, or is it something else?


The status is being reported by Vera. Scenes are considered active when the devices of that scene are correctly set e.g. under the Advanced settings of the scene you’ll see “Scene is Active - when all devices in the scene are properly set”. For example, say I have a scene to turn on my living room lights at sunset. The scene is configured to have the living room lights on. If I turn on the lights say during the day, Vera will mark the scene active as the living lights are on and that matches the settings of the scene minus the time. Vera will only check the device settings to mark the scene active or not and will ignore times, triggers, etc.

  • Garrett