Scenes Manual Trigger

Hello, in the Vera UI there is a “manual” trigger for scenes. I did not see this in AltUi. Is this function available and I have missed it?

I purchased a MiniMote and can assign ascene to the button on the remote. I plan to use lua code to make a toggle so that a single press can turn a light on and off. I don’t want a triggering device, just run a scene directly.

I have tested this and it workings using UI7’s manual function.

It’s the big blue button which says “Run” on the Scenes page.

LOL, yes I’m aware of that button. My point was the Vera UI has the 3 choices to choose from and I didn’t realize I could just specify nothing for the device trigger in AltUI.

That scene can also be a favorite and appear on the default page then. Pressing on it will run the scene.