Scenes depends to two switches.

Hi, I am trying to set scene that will run only when switch 1 AND switch2 are off , is it possible?
For now when switch 1 is off scene runs , its like switch1 “OR” switch 2.
I can see in advanced editor something like : scene is active when all devices in the scene are properly set , I had choose this but it’s not working or I’m doing something wrong ?

Yep, basic scene editor is near useless except for the most basic things, does not even allow ‘and’ logic.

Install the addon ‘Pleg’ and ‘Plc’.
Then you will need an hour or so reading the manual and learning how to use it, but, believe me it will be worth it.
It will open up your eyes to how much automation you can actually do.

Once you install it and have a bit of a play then we should be able to walk you though what you want to do pretty easily.


PLEG is certainly an option and worth considering. (

If you know Lua or are interested in learning it, then you can do this with conditional scene Lua. When switch 1 turns off, check to see that switch 2 is already off otherwise return false. Same thing for switch 2 - check to see that switch 1 is off when switch 2 is turned off. 2 scenes. (

Also, AltUI has AND built in now. (

And yet another possibility is creating the scene in the iPhone Vera app. It allows AND logic. But it has been about a year since I used scenes after migrating to PLEG.

If you have a pea brain like me, it may take a few hours of RTFM and tinkering to get PLEG to work for you. It will be like a light switch (or a knock in the head) when you finally say AHA!

Success :grin: I used pleg , it takes me about 30 min to create and scene , and also I discovered how to use virtual switch with geofencing :grin:

Use the Combination Switch plug-in, it works great. It allows to condition to 2 or more variables a scene trigger. Easy to use and available in the “Install Apps” tab of “Apps”. I have easily more than 20 working great.
Good luck,

20 Combination switches can eat up a lot of memory on your Vera …

In PLEG a single condition replaces a combination switch Plugin device and you can easily put 20 conditions in a single PLEG device.
I designed PLEG because I was running out of memory (on an earlier version of Vera) using the Combination and Timer plugins.