Scenes and events - slightly confused

I am slightly confused by scenes and events. I understand that I can use an event to trigger a scene. I also thought that an event had to be defined in a scene to be logged. But, when I log in to, it also seems like other events (but not all??? - I am not sure yet about this) are logged as well. What is most important to me is that ALL usage of the Schlage lock is being logged so that I can recognize which code/user that opened the door.

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

Though I probably won’t be of much help describing the differences between the two, what I can tell you is that it is possible to be notified when a code (and what code) is used to open the Schlage Deadbolt. I currently have my wife’s code on the deadbolt set so that when it is used, it sends me an e-mail and a text.

I accomplished this using a Scene that triggers an event.

The Scene specifies that the deadbolt be “unchanged and leave it”.

The Scene triggers the event.

The event lets me specify that when “An user unlocks the door”
What device? (your deadbolt is specified here)
What code? (the deadbolt’s code that you set up in VERA … because you can name them when using Vera)
Notify users: (your account)

Be sure to set up your notification preferences under user settings.

I have this set up for my parents & the In-Laws (if they decide to drop by) and my wife.

This also lets me have some fun with her as she is still getting used to the home automation thing. (I set up my Old Jukebox (Vinyl 45’s) and punched in a bunch of songs to plan then hooked it up to a switched outlet I installed. When her code triggers… I welcome her home to music and fool around with the lights she turns on in the kitchen, etc ;D

If this doesn’t help, you could always look to read the event logs…

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