Scene with timer fails occasionally

My scene that turns off lights “15 minutes before sunrise” fails once or twice per week lately. It has worked reliably for two years, but recently it has started to fail once in a while. It might have coincided with one of the most recent upgrades, but I’m not sure.

Could it be related to recently added background processes (network heals) that are conflicting with my scene for resources?

I’ve added a second scene to turn them off again “At sunrise” just in case, but I’d sure like to know what is making this scene inconsistent.

Had a similar issue with one of my scenes. Off after 3hrs which failed to execute consistantly and had to do the same thing as you, added an Off scene.

I have numerous 3hr+ delay On/Off scenes so the time period is not the issue.

Assuming it’s not a timer issue.
If it were a resource conflict, I would still expect to see the scene execute, although it may not fire at the programmed time…

Is it communication issues like @Strangely has with one particular device? Do you have Ap15e’s ADD? you could look to see the failure % rate for that device.

Maybe MCV could look into your logs to see whats going on at that particular time.


I have avoided the “Off after x hours” ever since we found that a reboot of Vera could kill those timed events. Now I have separate scenes for “On” and “Off”. I wonder if the Sunrise scene runs after a reboot, but before Vera has figured out when Sunrise will happen? It seems like sometimes she requires a day after a reboot to get those things figured out. I’ll check my uptime, too.

The two driveway lights are controlled by two separate devices (a Leviton dimmer and a Leviton lamp module) and they are both very close (within 10 feet - in opposite directions) to Vera, so I don’t know why they would be suffering from communication errors now. I do have the ADD installed, so I’ll check that and see if I can find any clues. Thanks.

… and you could try using DAD’s SunTwilightCivilBegin event. :slight_smile:

This is an interesting thread as I have noticed my sunset timer to be acting strangely lately. It fires way too late, but eventually does fire.

Could this have anything to do with the data being stored/queried for sunset and sunrise?

I’ve also notices a time ago, that events related to sunset/sunrise don’t work if your internet connection is not available

All sun related events provided by DAD don’t depend on internet connectivity.

What do they depend on ?

Correct geographical coordinates, correct timezone, and correct Lua implementation (see bug )?

That link is bad. I am interested in what it says (and possibly add code to my system). Can you re-link?


Remove )? from the end.

Much better, thanks.

You are right, DAD works pretty fine. I was referring to the standard events of Vera