Scene with delayed action if no more under the running condition

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This is my first port here, I am looking for some help… :slight_smile:

I have a scene that only runs if I am at home.
This scene switches on a relay immediately when ran.
This scene also wait 10 minutes before switching the same relay down.

What happens if the scene starts, turns the switch on, and I live home a few minutes after (before 10 minutes) ?
Will the scene be cancelled, or will it run until its end while the system is in “away mode” ?
So will the relay be switched off?

I suspect the relay will be switched off but it kind of depends.

If your scene is just
Immediate action: Turn relay on
Delayed action: Turn relay off

Because the scene is still running, it will complete.

However, one of the experts might know different


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This is correct. There is also the risk that a LUUP reload will happen after the relay ON but before the relay OFF timeout, which will leave the relay ON. To handle the conditions you describe, I would suggest using @rigpapa’s Reactor plug-in. It will allow you to precisely set all the conditions for relay ON and OFF, and has protections from LUUP reloads disturbing timing.


Reactor is nearly always the answer…



What is a LUUP reload ? When does it happen ?
I will have a look at the Reactor plugin, is there some entry point to discover what it is and what it does ?

Check these turorial videos out: Reactor: Tutorial and Cookbook Videos on YouTube - Reactor - Ezlo Community

Thanks a lot, I am testing it at the moment and it works well and fit my needs. :slight_smile:

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