Scene Web Page Not Working

I’ve been using ALTUI for several years with no Problem usually with the Chrome Browser. I noticed in this past week the Scene Webpage displays the Rooms and Scenes correctly but all the buttons when clicking with the mouse do not proceed with there function (Run, Settings, Clone, History). This is true using the Edge Browser as well as different Windows 10 PC’s. I have continued to accept auto update and not sure it it was the latest update that broke this feature since it did work a month ago. ALTUI version is 2.52. I have rebooted VERA along with a reinstall of ALTUI to no avail.

Vera Plus version FW is 1.7.3798 (last stable for me since newer releases seem to break things).

Away, anyone else experiencing this?

very strange; can you please post a screen shot of showing what buttons do not work ?
also please check the javascript console log for any messages and please share them
thank you

Just went to check and buttons are back to working. I didn’t do anything to change this so I don’t know what brought them back to life. I was broken throughout the week but all good right now. I attached a screenshot of a scence with the Run and three Icons that were dead but now work for scenes. All scenes exhibited the same behavior.


Let me know if there was something changed on your end otherwise it might come back to haunt me again.


Glad it works, Nothing at all changed on altui side. Thank you