Scene Triggers are only working sporadically

I have three (3) Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS Z-Wave Smart Energy Switches in my living room controlling (3) Lamps. I created a scene to turn all 3 lights ON and created 3 triggers in that scene. Each trigger is set for the Aeon Lab switches being turned on. My thought is if one lap is turned on manually they all turn on since one of the laps is very easily accessible and we have no wall switch to control them. I did the same thing with a scene to turn all 3 lights OFF with three triggers if any of them are manually turned off they all turn off.

The triggers seem to only work some times and I cannot figure out a pattern of when they do and do not work. Any thoughts on what would be causing this? Sometimes they work instantly, sometimes it takes 30 seconds, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all and I can use my phone to activate the scene through home buddy.

My guess is that it is a marginal communication issue, that causes complete failure, and a lack of Instant Status which causes the delayed success.

Without Instant Status, there’s nothing you can do about the delays. Additional intermediate nodes should resolve communication shortfalls.

I believe I have read that the DSC06106-ZWUS supports associations. Somewhat unusual for a plugin switch. However, if it does, you could associate all the switches with each other. They should then act in unison by themselves without a need for Vera or a triggered scene.

Edit: Further research indicates that the associations are only for reporting and will not control other switches. You may be able to figure out something with the reporting and associating Vera with the switches.

I have 13 wired devices that should be repeating signals. The Vera 2 is in my basement of my ranch home with 4 switches in the basement as well. The rest are upstairs on the first floor. When I activate anything from my phone through home buddy there is instant reaction to any of the devices. Although I am forcing that command, i would think I should have good enough communication. I apologize for any ignorance as I am just getting into some of the programming for the Vera as I only really did basic things with it before with schedules and notifications, but I believe I am missing out on the full potential of the system.

Your problem is that without instant status devices, vera does not get a signal when you manually operate a switch and it relies on when that device is next polled to see the change. It then runs your scene. The next poll may be seconds away or if vera is busy it could be many seconds. Check your poll times and possibly shorten the time for just those devices (too short causes other problems).