Scene Triggered by Device State

I have a scene that is triggered by an event which is the device (the scene is just about one device) being turned on. The scene waits 5 seconds and then turns the same device off. The idea is that if I turn this device on it stays on for 5 seconds then shuts off. That is what I need it to do.

When I turn on the device via the Vera web page console 5 seconds later the device always shuts off. I can do it 10 times and the device always shuts off as expected.

Then I go to the device (an Intermatic receptacle) and press the local on button and the device might not shut off for several minutes. It is unreliable and fairly random.

I am wondering if you trigger the device locally (by push button) it doesn’t lob in a Z Wave update and instead waits until the next poll comes along. This doesn’t seem right because when you enroll these guys turning on and off is enough to get enrolled.

Also wondering if the trigger isn’t a confirmation back from the device (that it changed state to on) but just local logic in Vera that says oh I was turned on locally so I don’t need confirmation back front the device. In otherwords it isn’t end to end confirmation but some logic proxy that it was turned on.

Anyway just trying to understand the mechanics better. Z Wave doesn’t seem to be a very robust protocol from my few weeks of playing with it. I also have metal boxes and EMT conduit here in IL so that degrades the RF performance of the link as well.

This will only work for Z-Wave devices that support instant status … otherwise it can take Vera 5 minutes or longer before it notices that you turned the light on.

Search for Instant Status … you will find lots of discussions.


I will search Instantly… :wink: