Scene to turn on outlet when lights are 100%

I need some help creating a scene for my bedroom. I have a light switch that is a dimmer and a light that is connected to an outlet. I would like to have the scene turn the outlet on when the dimmer is at 100%, and likewise turn off the outlet when the dimmer is at any value other than 100% (including off). I’m guessing this requires some lump code, but I haven’t done any yet. Let me know if more information is needed to help.



Have a look at the PLEG plugin.


Also to make this work reliably, you’ll need to make sure that the switch in question supports instant status. Otherwise you’ll see a delay before Vera will execute turn the other light on when the dimmer has been pressed and set to the appropriate value to trigger the scene.

  • Garrett

Any idea how long the plug-in should take to install successfully? It’s been sitting at Program Logic Event Generator : Install Program Logic Core Plugin for about the last 1/2 hr. When I go to the device it’s not populating the inputs or conditions.

It will sit there until YOU install the Program Logic Core!

Thanks, adding the PLC fixed my first issue.

So now I need a little help with PLEG as it is my first venture into using it.

My Devices:
Dimmer Switch, MBRDimmer.
Outlet with a lamp attached, MBROutlet.

My room is large and the lights controlled by the dimmer do not provide enough light for the room. When the Dimmer is turned on and at 100% I want the Outlet to also be turned on. When the dimmer is at any other value, including off, I want the Outlet to be off. Essentially if I need a lot of light the dimmer will be at 100%, otherwise I’m really wanting just the dimmed light so the Outlet should be off.

What steps do I need to put in place to set this up?

OK, I think I figured this out, but let me know if there is a better way.

Inputs: Device Properties: LoadLevelStatus – This is a property of the dimmer, and I just called this LoadLevelStatus for now.

I created 2 Conditions.
LoadLevel100: LoadLevelStatus == 100
LoadLevelNot100: LoadLevelStatus != 100

Finally I assigned an action to each Condition.

LoadLevel100 turned on the Outlet
LoadLevelNot100 turned off the Outlet

There is a small delay when I’m changing the dimmer values, but I can live with that unless there is a better way.


Oh, PLEG does seem to be AWESOME!!!