Scene to turn on a lamp when another is turned on problem

Hello folks,

I have 2 devices (1 evolve dimmer and another AEON microdimmer )

I want turn on the aeon when the evolve is turned on thru a scene.

then I create the scene and choose the aeon device and put in the 100% then I put in trigger a device is turned on, turned on, and choose the evolve dimmer.


then I turn on the evolve dimmer but the aeon do not turns on…

what can be happen ?

exist another way to do this ? or only thru a scene ?

I think my trigger is correct and the logic of the scene, maybe a problem with this 2 devices ??
alone that works fine…

thanks for help…

I just did this for someone. Copies the setting of one dimmer to another, bilaterally.,23286.msg158047.html#msg158047

I think the problem is the Evolve dimmer does not have instant status.
So Vera will not see the change until a later time when it polls the device.

Does it work properly if you turn on the Evolve dimmer in Vera ?

No Richard,
turning on the evolve dimmer in vera dashboard do not trigger the scene.

but scene works if I run that.

I’m doing something like this to switch on the shed lights (on a GE outdoor plug) when I switch on my Lania lights (On a GE switch)
I created 2 scenes, one to switch on the outdoor plug and one to switch it off.
The trigger is when the state of the GE switch is turned off or on
1 device is turned on. It runs the Shed light on scene immediately
2 device is turned off. It runs the Shed light off scene immediately

I just created a scene also using a GE/jasco on/off switch in our hallway as the trigger to turn on my office light.

When the GE was turned on my light turned on immediately also.

You might have more success using PLEG so you could trigger your action when LoadLevelStatus > 0. I have noticed that some dimmers do not update Status when turned on and off.

the curious is when turn manually by vera dashboard do not trigger the scene.

the curious is when turn manually by vera dashboard do not trigger the scene.
As I said, [b]Status[/b] is not always updated. In some cases control is entirely by setting [b]LoadLevelTarget[/b] which then drives [b]LoadLevelStatus[/b].

I will try PLEG, will be my first experience with this well spoke plugin?
anything I scream :slight_smile:

Testing with an Evolve LRM-AS. This dimmer’s location allows it to speak directly with Vera, there are no intermediate nodes.

I setup a simple scene that turns on a receptacle controlled lamp when triggered by the activation of the LRM-AS.

Activating the switch, by pressing its paddles, does not trigger the scene until the switch is polled. Then the scene activates.

Activating the switch by clicking On or in the middle of the slider within the Vera GUI triggers the scene immediately.

This is the expected behavior.

Zwaver, How can I force the poll for this node ?


Go to the Settings tab, click Poll Now.