scene to send an email with a photo

Hello guys
I know the basics of vera
I want to build a scene which sends me an email with a snapshop from the camera when an armed sensor is tripped for example
Can i do this?send an email with a photo from the camera which is connected to vera

Have you looked into VeraAlerts?

i got a foscam camera which does this stand alone, it has a motion sensor and emails 5 pictures to me whenever anyone comes to the front door 24/7 and my rear camera does it from 10pm - 7am

i logged into each cameras IP address and found it as a feature

What kind of foscam you have?I want to have a one
Does it support remote access (regardless of vera i mean)?


I can remember exactly but its very similar to this one

Yes, I never tried but people are doing it, you got to port forward and set up a static IP of some sort i guess, found this discussion where people are troubleshooting to get them going, I use vera cause of its simple app on my phone brings up everything.

I use my foscam to send pics. With portforwarding you can access it from anywhere you want

I believe Foscam has a mini unix kernel running in it.
If you expose this to the Internet … via a forwarded port … I would not be surprised if someone has an exploit to gain access to your entire LAN through this device.

Call me paranoid … But do you really trust a Chinese device to not have a back door ?
You should also block any traffic FROM devices on your LAN to the internet … unless you know what they are doing … of course … this is how Vera allows access via the MCV website!

I assume that any one that talks about or uses port forwarding (excluding VPN or SSH) also leave the doors to their house open and do not need an alarm system!


Coming back to the subject of the topic, is possible with vera create that scene ?


There is no email plugin on Vera that does attachments …
You could create one … You can steal the code from Vera Alerts (L_VeraAlerts.lua) and modify the code. Vera Alerts also has the code to get an Image from any Camera on Vera.
You could put the pieces together to solve this.

Once I get the Picture working reliably to Vera Alerts Android client … I can look to adding the same to the VeraAlerts Email client.

Vera Alerts has the ability to send an image as part of a notification to the Vera Alerts android client. There are bugs in this right now … appears to be something in communications … I can’t send the picture as part of the notification because it’s to big … so It calls back to download the image as soon as the notification is received. Not very many people have mentioned it … so I do not think people are interested in it.

I was trying vera alert
I couldn’t find a place where to add a photo from my camera

I mentioned about it because it is one of the advertisements micasaverde, you to know what happens in your home.
I will search more about, will be interesting if some door is open and you receive this Picture by default, without many technicals operations.

thanks for clarify !

:-\I was trying vera alert I couldn't find a place where to add a photo from my camera

Put a {Photo(CameraDeviceID)} tag in your alert message.
You need to specify your Camera Device.