Scene starting at wrong time??

I created a scene with a schedule to start 30 min after sunset and run for 10 hours…it was not coming on at the correct time…so I reprogrammed it to start at 19:30 each evening and run for 10 hours. (It’s for outdoor landscape light) Today it started at 18:15? The time on the dashboard for my Vera is correct.

Any ideas??


Please check that your Vera’s time zone and location settings are correct.

The time on the dashboard for my Vera is correct.

The time on your dashboard is the time of the computer you are running your browser … it has nothing to do with Vera’s time.

You can check the Vera time by looking at the log (at least it will be within a couple minutes … since it is bufferered.)
This will show the time of the most recent log activity with a VERA time for each event.


I had this problem for a while. If on UI5, make sure your location tab displays all of the info shown if the picture.

And you might have to try several times to get the “Current City” to set correctly due to issues with the server used to retrieve those options…
This is the setting that determines sunrise/sunset.

Thanks for the replies. The local city is correct and I even added the correct LAT/LONG. The screen shows all the correct info - I will try Re-entering the city to correct