Scene (rules) issue

When I create a simple scene to turn on lights at sunset I cannot get the light in the rules to stay “on” it keeps reverting to showing off.

When I create simple scenes in the app to turn on a light at a specific time

  • Go into Scenes and create an activation event - everyday at sunset
    *Action > Device Action> Select Light> All the lights are shown by default off so I toggle it on and on when to run select immediately then click done
  • Lastly click save but as expected it does not run cause to me the light is set to go off and already is.

What I am missing.The old vera edge scenes were set up similar but never had an issue.

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Hello, @jgalu

I apologize for not getting back to you on time with this issue.

Considering that you have raised a support ticket, I will help you with both issues you explain there.
Please, wait for my reply to your ticket.

Thank you!.

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