Scene Notification and Trigger Question

I just started using Vera Lite and have some basic questions (Advanced apologies if these were asked before). I would like to send notification when a scene is activated. Is there a way to do this without adding VeraAlerts plugin? In some of the documentation I have read, it is suggested to use ‘Add Events’ tab in the Scene configuration but I don’t see this tab on my UI. I tried adding a trigger and checked the ‘notify’ check box but that didn’t work. This leads me to my second question: Does a scene activation trigger the triggers or does a trigger activate a scene?

Scenes are triggered by devices. Natively scenes do not send triggers.

Notifications are sent by devices or triggers, not scenes. You could have the device that triggers your scene also send a notification, but this won’t help you if the scene is run by a schedule.

Using LUA code or plugins you could have a scene send a notification. Using plugins such as virtual switches, you could have your scene toggle a virtual switch which would then send a notification.

Thanks for the suggestions Z-Waver.

I have installed virtual switch app and will let you know how it works out.

Just for clarification, you can use scenes to generate notifications for triggers. For example, you may wish to have a single scene that Only sends notifications based on events (triggers) that occur in your house. It is actually a very nice way to organize some of the regular notifications you wish to receive. You merely need only to check the notification box (attached example). This makes it easier to “find” all of the notifications you get in the case where they exist at the device level, in scenes, in PLEGs, etc.

So, you could create a single scene that reports to you any notification you wish to receive. You only need to add a trigger for each notification you want to send, and check that box. And of course it won’t work for a schedule, but since those happen at their scheduled time, you tend to want to be notified if something exceptional happens…

Thanks for the suggestions. The virtual switch works perfectly even for schedule.