Scene not working as wanted

I got a scene with 2 firabo motion sensors as triggers. Once tripped the lights go on.
As seconed scene checks if the 2 motion sensors see motion if not for 15 minutes the lights go off.
Somehow the lights still turn off even whem there ar 2 or more people in the kitchen where the senors are.

Need a better scene or lua i think
who can help me.

You have two options
You can set the reset rate on the Two Fibaro to be 10-15 minutes then use conditional LUA code in your scene to check that both sensors are untripped using examples from here,18679.0.html

You can use PLEG plug in, which has lots of examples how to create occupancy lighting.

I tried PLEG but the latest version made it difficult to understand and I didn’t find a new manual yet online
Let’s try the reset timer and conditional setting first
Many thanks