scene, multi event trigger and luup code

i have a scene with multiple event trigger (all my sensor) and who run a luup code

in the lump code how to get the event name who launch the scene to use it in lump action ?

thanks for your help

Huh, good question. If there is one, it’s not documented anywhere.

Try this as a workaround…

For each event, go into its “Luup Event” code and set a variable:

triggeredby = "Door1Opened" return true

Then in the main Luup tab, see if you can act on this variable:

if (triggeredby == "Door1Opened") then ... end

I don’t know if the variables you set in Luup Event code tunnel through to the main Luup code. Let us know if it works.


good response , it’s work

just one warning defined variable in lump event code is a global variable, if you use multiple event of this kind, think you use different variable name

thanks futzle