Scene luup execution speed - need for non-blocking calls

I have a Vera Plus. And I have alot of scenes where I execute luup code for some custom behavior.

I noticed when I make certain calls, I feel like Vera is waiting for call for finish (blocking call) before continuing with the rest of luup script.

For example, I have the following function defined in my luup startup:

function mobile_app_alert(msg)
luup.call_action(“urn:intvelt-com:serviceId:HWPush1”, “SendMessage”, {Msg = msg}, 43)

In my scene luup script, I may call the above mobile_app_alert function to send a Homewave push alert based on some if-then-else conditions. I get the sense that Vera is executing this function and waiting for it to complete before proceeding with rest of luup script. I think this is called a “blocking call”?!?! Is there anyway to tell Vera to execute a function in a non-blocking manner?

You can call it from a delayed function using luup.call_delay, which will return as soon as the delayed function is scheduled.

You can use the Vera Alerts plugin for push notifications. It handles all of the alerts asynchronously.

@RichardTSchaefer Thank you for chiming in. I took a look at Vera Alerts . I noticed:

Vera Alerts Mobile (Currently Android, but IOS soon)

I use an iPhone. Is iOS supported now?

@intvelt My family uses Homewave to control Vera. I trigger a Homewave push notification using the luup.call_action listed in original post. I did some tests. Do you know why it takes ~10 sec for the push notification to occur? Just wondering if it’s a limitation with how iOS supports notifications or is there anything I can do to improve this. Thanks.

You can use Prowl to receive alerts on an iOS device.

You can use Vera Alerts plugin forwarding … to forward to Homewave
Then when you send to Vera Alerts, it will return right away, and in the background it will send to Homewave.

I have not done the Vera Alerts Mobile for IOS. But there a few service options for IOS devices.

I use Veramate for iOS and Vera Alerts forwards notifications including those from PLEG very nicely.