Scene examples?

I want to try Reactor, and wondering if there is anywhere to find some simple examples, or guides/tutorials on how to get started? Is far more easy to get going with a new app/thing with examples on how to make simple stuff.

Regards Jonas

How would you like to be the first to give me feedback on the first video in a series that’s intended to address your question?

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel for it: toggledbits - YouTube

The videos are numbered in order.

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You are awesome, i do not have time to check the videos now, but i will do it later! I have already learned the basics in Reactor, and i do admire the work you put in to it. Its realy awesome!!! I Have around 5 scenes now in reactor that manages my ventilation in the house. The only thing i’m missing, is the detection of moisture in the bathroom. Now i have a fixed value but would be great to have like in this pleg tutorial … Can that be done in reactor? As for now i have to go in and change my moisture threshold depending of the weather/season. Best regards Jonas

Yes. Let me set up a test case and I’ll start a separate topic for it later this morning.

You are awsome!!!

Very nice job on the videos Patrick! Make sure to pin a link to those on the top of the forums ! (or maybe you did and I just didn’t see it yet ha ha )

Still working on all that, but yes, I will indeed!