Scene deleted - but not gone?

I’ve been getting some unexplained behavior on one Z-wave dimming module. I have a scene to turn the map on to a certain level in the evening using a timer. It comes on and goes off just fine. However, the lamp also comes on in the early afternoon (always the same time) which leads me to believe it is a scene/time command. However, in the dashboard, I don’t have any timers for that lamp defined other than the one that works as expected.

I checked the log file on Vera2 by logging into the shell. I found at the time that the lamp comes on a few commands showing a Scene #5 running and evaluating and a Scene #21 running and evaluating for the lamp status. Scene #5 is the correct working scene and it evaluates to false so it doesn’t turn the lamp on. However scene #21 evaluates to true and sends the Z-wave commands to turn the lamp on.

Problem is that I can not find Scene #21 in the dashbaord (UI4) anywhere. I’ve checked all my scenes to no avail.

Is it possible that an old scene that I had from some time ago was deleted from the dashboard, but never deleted completely from Vera? Is there a way to address this? Manual edits of config files ? Any suggestions?


I have a similar problem

there are scne that were deleted …
but they still happen …
and eve more … I can see thoses scene to use them with the minimote
but I can’t find a way to delete them …
these scene are not visible in the UI5
does some one can tell where I can find them,when I login on the vera ?


after a more large search there is a way to delete old things

to see objects

to delete objects

thank to,11743.msg84792.html#msg84792

It worked for me