Scene Creation

Hi Everyone,

I am sure for most this is pretty simple.

I want to create a scene for my teenage daughters bathroom to turn off lights when there is no activity. have searched the forums for hours but it seems there are multiple ways to accomplish creating scenes and i am confused as to the easiest way.

This is what i would like to accomplish
1-lights to run on online after dark
2-after midnight lights to go on at 50%
3-lights to turn off after 2 minutes of inactivity

gear- GE zwave dimmer-Intermatic CA9000 sensor

I’m assuming you only want the lights to come on when she enters the bathroom? Most of it would be doable with a normal scene using the LUUP is_Night function ( to determine if it is night. There is also a plugin you can define sunrise more custom. (Day Or Night - Vera Plugin)

I don’t use occupancy sensors as I have multiple large dogs and I have yet to device a logic that excludes them from any of those kind of sensors.
Don’t occupancy sensors have a setting to switch off if noone dteceted for a set period of time? if so, you could trigger a scene on that. It’ll get a bit convoluted though. You may want to look into the PLEG plugin to make your life easier…

Seems someone already made a LUUP script that looks like it may take care of most of what you need. ( or (